How To Sleep On An Airplane: 15 Tips

Being able to sleep during a flight is a valuable skill. It is debatably the best use of time and the quickest way to pass time if you are on a long haul flight. It’s easier said than done. Here are 15 Tips To Sleep On A Plane so you can set yourself up for some successful sleep on the next flight you take.

1. Anticipate jet lag

Anticipating jet lag, especially if you are crossing multiple time zones, can be very beneficial in deciding when and how much you want to sleep depending on whether you will be landing in the morning or evening. If you are traveling forward in time you may want to sleep more than you would if you are traveling back in time.

2. Avoid screens before sleeping

You should avoid screens before sleeping regardless if it’s on a plane or at home. Start using the night mode for your screens on your phone 1 hour before you plan on sleeping and no screen at all 30 minutes before. Night mode removes blue light which suppresses the melatonin production in your brain which is what helps you fall asleep.

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