How To Plan Your Next Vacation In 3 Steps

Does anyone ever leave a vacation without planning their next one? Let’s be honest, don’t we all need a vacation right about now? Deciding where to vacation can be stressful, especially since there are so many options and each option has a cost attached to it.

The good news is, we created this easy formula or process, call it what you want, that you can use to plan your next vacation. There are 3 steps to deciding where to go on your next vacation.

  1. Define your budget
  2. Decide when to go
  3. Find a destination at the intersection of step 1 and step 2

Define your budget

Defining your budget is the easiest part of planning a vacation. Your budget is probably going to be a combination of what you’re comfortable spending of your savings and putting on a credit card.

Your budget should be enough so you can experience the vacation you want to but not too much so that it will set you back and make life rough when it’s over.

Decide when to go

This is purely discretionary and will probably depend on when you can get time off work. Another key thing to consider is the time of year.

During the summer it is travel season so flights and hotels tend to be more expensive. If you can travel in off-season or right before or after travel season you can probably get more bang for your buck.

Find a destination at that fits your budget and timing

This is where the magic happens!

The final step in figuring out where to go on your next vacation is finding a destination that for the time of year you can travel fits your budget. Airplane tickets and hotel prices can sometimes vary by 50% depending on the time of year.

Make a list of all the potential destination ideas you have already and use Google Flights, Expedia, and the other resources out there that allow you to search for flights and hotels.

More destinations will appear as options as you research the current ones you have on your list. Add those new ideas until you have a list of potential vacation destinations.

Now all you have to do is pick the option on your list that best fits your budget and time of year (step 3).

Viola, you just found the destination for your next vacation!

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