31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences

Check out these 31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences! 1. A set of cable clips that can be used to prop up your charger and organize it or a clever way to store your toothbrush (the reason been that, nothing is as annoying as your charger sleeping behind your nightstand). 2. That […]

Top Places You Have To See Before You Die

Do you have a case of wanderlust? Are you looking to add more to your travel list? Look no further; today we are here to talk to you about a few amazing places! Some of them are full of adventure not for the faint-of-heart, like making the trek to Angel Falls in Venezuela. Others involve […]

How To Plan Your Next Vacation In 3 Steps

Does anyone ever leave a vacation without planning their next one? Let’s be honest, don’t we all need a vacation right about now? Deciding where to vacation can be stressful, especially since there are so many options and each option has a cost attached to it. The good news is, we created this easy formula […]

12 Key Benefits Of Stretching Every Day

“You should stretch more, it’s good for you.” This is something we have always heard from parents and coaches. But why is it good for you, how do we benefit from stretching every day? We did some research to answer these questions and put together this list of the 12 Key Benefits of Stretching Every […]

21 Things You May Want To Bring When Walking Your Dog

1. A two-in-one travel water bottle and dispenser so that your dog would not be dehydrated while you take it out for its daily walk. Compared to bringing a collapsible bowl, it is way easier since everything is in a single device. 2. A portable outdoor shower cap is also good for washing off sand […]

Top 6 Brunch Essentials

Yes, we are talking about brunch essentials. After coming up with many things that make brunch brunch, we narrowed it down to the 6 things that make brunch brunch. 1. Friends Be honest, is it even brunch without friends? Who else are you going to laugh, plan out your next vacation, and reminisce with? 2. […]

4 Unique Ways To Make Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a brunch staple and a great dish that provides room for creativity with so many different ways you can make it. Here are 4 unique ways you can make avocado toast. 1. Boiled egg avocado toast Fried or scrambled egg on avocado toast is a classic. Boiling the egg puts a whole […]

Top 10 Best Sellers of 2020 on Amazon (So Far)

Love them or not, these are the Top 10 Best Sellers of 2020 on Amazon (So Far), So Far. Enjoy! 1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man   Promising Review – “This is a much better book than I expected. I thought it would be a gossipy, […]

Well Trained Dogs Can Do These Five Things

Having a well-trained dog is something to be proud of as a dog owner and anyone who has a well-trained dog knows it takes a lot of training and patience. There are many things you can teach a dog. This list we put together consists of the five core things a well-trained dog can do. […]

20 Amazing Gifts on Amazon for New Pet Owners

1. All pets need to stay hydrated, right? 2. Get them a pack of well-baked and decorated cookies that are as sweet as they come 3. To give a new puppy the best treat ever, you can buy a pack of healthy all-natural Parisian-level macrons for the new parents 4. You can also get a […]