31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences

Check out these 31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences!

1. A set of cable clips that can be used to prop up your charger and organize it or a clever way to store your toothbrush (the reason been that, nothing is as annoying as your charger sleeping behind your nightstand).

2. That an antiperspirant lotion to relieve your hands and feet of sweat and some frustration comes with.

3. A double-ended extension cord, because you only have one outlet to spear and you sometimes need two. With this, you can now plug your lamp, charger, and router at the same time.

This is one of our favorite of the 31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences.

4. Dry shampoo powder. With this, you can now ditch the late morning shower and walk out of the door with a hair that looks like it has just been washed.

5. A Pop Wallet+ combines the convenience of a wallet with the stability of a pop grid and turns them into one genius product. You wouldn’t have to sacrifice the perfect selfie just to have your credit cards around.

6. A condiment fork that can be attached to your favorite jar of pickles. With this, there would be no more dirty dishes and no more trying to reach the smallest guy at the bottom of the jar. All you need to do is pop out the teeny fork and the snack comes away.

7. The tidy cup is a handy little invention that catches all the excess little drips that are always left behind by your mega-sized laundry detergent and softener bottles for you to later discover on your shelves.

8. A magnetic washer/dryer guard which helps to prevent your socks and tiny garments from tragically slipping behind. Nobody actually knows what lurks beneath those appliances…

9. A super-duper small spatula designed to get into the nook and crannies of your best beauty products and remove every last drop, so that even when you are running late on a very busy day, you will still be covered.

10. A universal socket that uses steel pins to adjust and fit into different types of screws, nuts, and bolts so that you would no longer be carrying twenty different tools again.

11. An under-cabinet lid opener so that you won’t have to spend your entire evening trying to open a jar that is almost impossible to open.

12. A dual-blade package opener is used to safely open boxes, bottles, and mail. Using a giant butcher knife to slice through boxes isn’t a good idea.

13. A variety pack of heel and shoe inserts to provide extra support for your soles and to also protect your feet from blisters so that can now put on those cute work heels that use to give you blisters.

14. A taco holder for cradling your masterpieces and stopping any ingredients from falling out tragically. And besides, aren’t we all looking for excuses to eat more tacos?

This is one of our favorite of the 31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences.

15. A microwave plate cover that has a genius magnetic hover function. With this, I dare the magnetic spaghetti sauce to try and splatter all over your freshly cleaned zap box!

16. A manual scalp massager brush that would not only help you to relax on days that are hectic, but to also reduce pesky flakiness and oily build-up from regular use of hair products. With this, dandruff would no longer have a room in your house!

17. Clarifying shampoo that can be used once a week in place of your normal shampoo to remove that annoying residue left behind from heavy hair products.

18. A set of toe caps meant for the protection of ingrown nails, corns, blisters, and other painful areas. It also prevents them from rubbing your shoes. It has latex-free gel material that moisturizes skin and promotes healing.

19. Anti-chafing balm to relieve your skin when the weather is hot. It also consists of hydrating ingredients that don’t clog pores.

This is one of our favorite of the 31 Things to Save Your Day From Minor Inconveniences.

20. An adhesive, double-sided tape that will make sure that your outfit and hemline remains where it is supposed to.

21. Extra-pointy cotton swabs meant to prevent any makeup slip up on that day. With its precision tip, it can be used to quickly fix eyeliner, lipstick, and eye shadow mistakes.

22. Shower curtain clips can simply be attached to the walls of your shower to make sure that water stays inside the tub. Am sure nobody wants to spend their entire morning mopping up water.

23. Heel protectors are not only meant to keep your best pumps from getting ruined but to prevent you from sinking into the grass or losing a shoe to those cursed street grates.

24. A life-changing shoe spray that kills odor which causes bacteria and prevents your best sandals from smelling like death. With summer fast approaching, you and your feet can get through without stink.

25. A small password book that is discreet and can serve as a friendly reminder whenever you forget what your favorite topping was in 2007.

26. LED-dimming stickers to enable you to sleep in total peace and not be disturbed by unpleasantly flashing router and console lights.

27. A cup holder designed to fit in shopping charts so that you wouldn’t need to chug your freshly poured Starbucks before going to the grocery store. With this, you can now stroll, shop, and sip the proper way.

28. A pack of no-tie shoelaces to prevent your shoes from constantly untying themselves like some type of black magic.

29. A handy tool to enable you to ditch the time-consuming fake eyelash application. It holds the falsie in place, to make the addition of glue and attaching them to the lash line easy.

30. A thermal windshield cover is a foolproof way of getting rid of ice and snow from your windshield in a matter of seconds.

31. A wrinkle release spray is an easy way to use-wrinkle spray that reduces wrinkles and helps keep your clothes looking neat without the hassle of ironing. So whenever you are running late with no time to lug out the iron or steamer, you use the wrinkle release spray.

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