30 Viral Trends in 2018 That Changed Our Lives

Nowadays, viral trends have replaced Page 3 content in our lives. Being unaware about them could result in you getting mocked by today’s generation. Today’s world is so fast that anything can spread like wildfire, thanks to the power of the web. The internet is such a leveling ground that makes the simplest of things go viral, influencing billions of people all around the world. This content has in a way become a part of our lives. But what were the hottest viral trends of 2018? Let’s have a closer look at them!

1. The Japan Challenge

Last year was surrounded by dance challenges. From all of them, only ‘The Japan Dance Challenge’ was able to go viral. The ad-lib dance performances set a hot trend on social media. People all over the world loved to see Japs grooving to their favorite tunes. Videos on YouTube and other streaming platforms received billions of views in a matter of hours.

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