21 Things You May Want To Bring When Walking Your Dog

1. A two-in-one travel water bottle and dispenser so that your dog would not be dehydrated while you take it out for its daily walk. Compared to bringing a collapsible bowl, it is way easier since everything is in a single device.

2. A portable outdoor shower cap is also good for washing off sand on beach days, cleaning off dirt after a play date in the dog park, or spraying in order to keep your dog cool in the hot summer months. Almost any bottle fits on it.

3. Disposable waste bags that are affordable so that when your pup do their business, you can clean up after it. They are 2x thicker than grocery bags and are freshly scented with activated baking soda to remove odors. It’s perfect for long walks.

4. A very good emoji disposable bag holder that can be hooked to the walking leash for easy access, when your dog goes to the bathroom on Karen’s lawn accidentally.

5. Mini freeze-dried beef liver treats that can be easily stored with enough high-value to keep your dog focused and eager to learn new tricks. They can also be stuffed in your pocket for rewards on quick walks or indoor training.

6. A training treat pouch that can be worn easily during walks so as to easily reward your dog for good behavior. It is very good for training your dog and can be used hands-free. You can also clip it to your waist and use the zipper storage for your keys or phone.

7. A classic bull launcher that will enable you play with your pup from a distance and keep them active and entertained while at the Dog Park. It is light weighted with durable plastic and designed for hands-free pickups, so you don’t have to touch any slobbery tennis balls(especially during 2020).

8. A dog harness and saddlebag backpack put together. It is light and comfortable. Enough space for all the essential things your pup needs. Catered for by these two-sided dog pack including food, doggie bags, first aid supplies, and travel bowls. It is also reflective for night visibility.

9. A winter jacket for dogs that is reversible. It is reflective, lightweight, water-resistant, and has a fleece lining to keep your dog warm and insulated during walks or hikes in extremely cold months of the year.

10. A dog scarf/snood that is adorable and will keep your pups ears, neck and head warm and protected when the temperature drops during winter. The scarf is made of fabric that is light weighted, breathable and perfect for any athletic activity.

11. A PupFlask, is a 27-ounce stainless-steel water bottle with a big foldable rubber flask. It is very good for large dogs that need plenty of water and hydration after walks or play sessions in the dog park. It is easy to throw in a bag and has minimal leaking.

12. A dog hammock car seat cover. You could use it if you are either taking a drive to a hike or park. It allows you to use the remaining half of your car in case you need to store large items or use with a child car seat. Your pups’ access to the front seat is blocked by the car hammock by keeping them safe in the backseat.

13. A collapsible bowl. It’s a perfect tool if you don’t have a bag to store a water bottle when going to the dog park with water stations! It’s travel-friendly, easy to store and convenient for the on-the-go pup! It also consists of a metal carabineer to clip onto your items with the rigid bottom that helps to prevent spills.

14. High-value beef treats for training a dog that is distracted outside and needs more items to entice and keep them focused and alert. Seriously, dogs go bananas for these!

15. Air squeaker tennis balls are used to play fetch with in the park- they squeak.  Will keep your dog even more engaged! They are heavy-duty and can withstand the roughest abuse, yet the soft felt cover is gentle to the dogs’ teeth.

16. A portable dog washer. You stick your dog’s feet into it and it will remove the excess dirt from your walk. The gentle silicone bristle on it will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws and keep your house clean.

17. Reflective and waterproof dog booties can be worn outside by your pup to protect their paws from hot pavement, cold pavement and rough terrain.

18. A small leash that can be worn by your dog to stay visible to joggers, cars, and bikers. The light is water-resistant, bright, durable, and shatter-proof. It is good, especially for older dogs who need some help to see their surroundings in the dark.

19. A “Do Not Pet” harness that can be worn by dogs during walks to discourage strangers from approaching them.

20. Waterproof raincoat that your pup can wear when they have to go…even though it’s pouring outside. The weight is light and foldable, which enables you to bring it along with you for easy access and unexpected drizzle.

21. A hands-free dog leash with a dual-handle reflective bungee, poop bag dispenser pouch, and an adjustable waist belt for running and walking with your dog. The leash has the right degree of flexibility to reduce stress from pulling and tugging and it is shock-absorbing.

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